Ernst-Jan Louwers (IP | Technology Advocaten) presents ‘Reprinting the law’

Ernst-Jan Louwers, Attorney-at-law and entrepreneur of Louwers IP | Technology Advocaten, will present during the 3D Printing Event. Ernst-Jan will dive into legal challenges connected to legal aspects of 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

This may include changing distribution relationships, warranty and liability issues as well as new thoughts about the concept of intellectual property as opposed to open innovation, open hardware and open design.

foto Louwers 125About Ernst-Jan Louwers
Ernst-Jan Louwers (1959) is one of the founders of the niche firm Louwers IP | Technology Advocaten, established in high-tech city Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The firm plays in the premier league and consists of 8 focused and involved lawyers. With 28 years of experience, Ernst-Jan is a specialized and pragmatic IP/IT lawyer with a passion for and focus on innovation, IP and (information) technology law. He regularly lectures and wrote many publications in his areas of expertise, such as the loose-leaf treatise International Computer Law.
Apart from his primary job as a lawyer, he is member to the Complaints and Appeals Board for .nl domain names, arbitrator at WIPO, member to supervisory board of Dutch Goldsmiths Guild and board member to Brainport Centre for Technology & Law.

About Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten
Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten is a lean and mean niche firm in the area of IT, privacy and intellectual property and especially at the intersection of law and technology. From 2006 we are based in the design and technology region Brainport Eindhoven and since 1 August 2014 also in The Hague. We assist market parties in recognizing and interpreting developments in the fields of IT, the Internet, innovation and technology in time and in making proper arrangements to protect their position and interests. Our expertise enables us to give fast, to-the-point, adequate and expert advice and conduct litigation. In this context we clearly express our opinion about your chances and risks. We always try to reach the best possible solution for you. If necessary the firm represents its clients’ interests in disputes, always bearing in mind the best possible solution for the client. The firm recently gained an international award in its league.

The lawyers follow technology developments closely and are up to speed on trends in order to properly and proactively advise and guide its clients in legal minefields. This enables its clients to take strategic decisions on the legal position and business models. Emerging changes in IT and disruptive technologies like additive manufacturing and 3D printing, Big Data, Internet of Things, wearables and other challenging technologies require more than legal knowledge only.

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