Erik de Bruijn, co-founder of Ultimaking Ltd, will speak at the 3D Printing Event

He will talk about the rapid emergence of an ecosystem of individuals, business start-ups and universities that collaborate in an extreme form of open innovation.

He enjoys talking about new ways of value creation, the democratization of design and manufacturing, user innovation, and also the specifics of the RepRap community or on FDM/FFF types of 3D printing. Most recently, he has also co-founded Ultimaking Ltd., a company that offers the Ultimaker 3D printer. He is also the co-designer of the Ultimaker, and part of the core development team of the RepRap project.

About Ultimaking
The Ultimaker is a large build volume (210x210x220mm), open source 3D printer that is reliable, fast and affordable. It is designed for easy assembly and long, trouble-free printing.

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