Entrepreneurs pitch ideas for 3D printing businesses

Most people are surprised when Lucy Beard tells them about her startup, Feetz. The 3D printing company uses pictures of a person’s feet to create 3D printed shoes that are customized to exactly fit that person’s feet. After a customer uses the app to upload photos of his feet and pick a design for his shoes, Feetz prints the pair and ships it within seven days.

“People think, ‘You can do that with 3D printing? All I’ve seen is printed Yoda heads,'” Beard joked. She was one of three GigTank startups to speak at a Chattanooga Technology Council meeting. Each company offered a glimpse into its business model and previewed the pitches they’ll be giving, when Co.Lab’s summer-long accelerator GigTank culminates in Demo Day for the local entrepreneurs to ptich their business plans to top-level investors and venture capital firms.

Beard, who will be moving into the Business Development Center after GigTank, plans to print about 1,000 Feetz shoes per month. He is asking for $1.5 million in order to ramp up production. The company is about to start beta testing its shoes with 1,000 early customers, selling each hyper-customized pair for about $200. After starting with a direct-to-consumer approach, Beard hopes to bring 3D printed shoes into shoe stores and eventually license her patented algorithms out to the major shoe brands like Nike or Reebok. … (Read more)

Source: TimesFreePress.com