Electric Skateboard Lets You Affordably 3D Print Replacement Parts

The Electric Bubblegum Board features 3D-printed parts so that users can produce their own components when needed. We’ve seen designers and creators come out with their own versions of the electric skateboard, but as these versions become more technologically advanced, it can also become more costly to build them.

That’s where the creators of the Electric Bubblegum Board hope to make a difference. The Electric Bubblegum Board is a small, lightweight electric skateboard that features 3D-printed parts that make it easy and affordable for users to 3D print their own replacement parts when they need them.

The Electric Bubblegum is a 27-inch skateboard that weighs 12.1 lbs and is capable of running with a speed of up to 21 mph with a range of about 10 miles. The electric skateboard has a sleek and compact design and comes in six bright color combinations. … (Read more)

Source: PSFK.com