Edible Growth Puts the Fun in 3D Printed Fungus Food

Dutch designer Chloé Rutzerveld has created the Edible Growth project that uses a modified desktop 3D printer to print healthy and completely self-contained little bite size morsels of food made from multiple ingredients and even has living edible plants growing from them.

Let’s face it, 3D printed food is one of those things that no one has gotten just right yet. There have been a lot of interesting ideas, good starts and even some minor successes. But most of the successful ideas have only been great at printing with individual materials in a limited amount of food varieties. And of course everything has been made from generally unhealthy ingredients.

Edible Growth is looking at 3D printed food a little differently though. Rutzerveld decided not to think about what foods exist that could be 3D printed but focused on what foods she could create with 3D printable ingredients. She decided to focus on health, locally available and sustainable ingredients that could be created with modern technology. Edible Growth 3D prints a combination of seeds, spores and yeasts inside of a food material that allows the finished product to mature and develop flavors on its own over time rather than need to be cooked or eaten quickly. … (Read more)

Source: 3DprintingIndustry.com