Econolyst acquired by Stratasys – a 12-year back story

Since 2003, Econolyst has developed itself as a true thought leader in the field of Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing. We did so by being one of the first companies to develop methodologies for assessing the business benefits of industrial 3D Printing adoption, … developing environmental life-cycle assessment tools and software to support decision makers looking to invest in 3D Printing solutions.

We have helped clients in the aerospace & automotive sectors understand the benefits of design optimisation to reduce part weight and increase performance. We have helped customers in the medical and consumer goods sectors understand the importance of product personalisation and the benefits that industrial 3D printing can bring to their businesses. We have worked up and down the supply chain, from advising raw material suppliers, hardware vendors and software companies, to investors, innovators and end-users. Our travels have taken us from Oregon to Nairobi, from Malibu to the Arctic Circle (well almost – Östersund to be exact).

In parallel, over the last 12-years we have seen interest in 3D Printing increase. Within the last five years this increase has been exponential. We are proud of the service we have provided to a global customer base from a ‘small office’ in rural England. But, it’s time to spread our wings wider, fly higher, faster & stronger. To do this we need to think differently, to take risks and to challenge the status-quo.

So, today I am delighted to announce that Econolyst has been acquired by Stratasys, a global leader in the 3D Printing industry, and a company we have been proud to work with for many years.

If you are not familiar with Stratasys, I would like to share some background with you.  Stratasys is the global leader of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing solutions. The company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ (ticker symbol SSYS), with over 2,800 employees in 29 regional offices around the world, four manufacturing facilities and a global channel network of more than 260 resellers.  They have dual headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and Rehovot, Israel.  Stratasys offers a broad range of systems, consumables and parts services for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, and its offering of 3D Printing consumable materials is among the widest in the industry.

Among Stratasys’ recent acquisitions are companies such as RedEye, Harvest Technologies, Solid Concepts, GrabCAD and MakerBot, further extending Stratasys’ solutions to a growing global client base. And all good client solutions sit on robust strategies and informed decisions, which is where Econolyst comes in.

As part of Stratasys, the Econolyst team will form the foundation of the new Stratasys Strategic Consulting Division within the Stratasys Services Group.  Within the Services Group there are two other divisions: the Professional Services Division, which helps customers optimize their Additive Manufacturing workflows and identify disruptive onsite opportunities; and the Customer Support Division, which provides support, maintenance and training to existing customers.

As the formation for the new Stratasys Strategic Consulting Division, we bring many years of 3D printing consulting experience and business modelling tools, which we will apply to organizations worldwide. We expect that by joining the global leader of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing solutions, Stratasys, there will be additional resources and new opportunities to enhance our team’s ability to provide independent, agnostic, expert strategic consulting for Additive Manufacturing.

So how does an independent and agnostic 3D Printing consultancy firm remain independent and agnostic as part of a large corporation?

The answer is simple: though we will now be part of another company, we will continue to put customers’ needs first, regardless of whether our strategies take us in the direction of 3D Printing hardware or alternative technologies. Whether we find immediate technology solutions, or can scope out a developmental roadmap for the future, it all benefits our customers.

We will play a critical role in helping expand the adoption and development of 3D Printing for customers around the globe.  We share Stratasys’ belief that Additive Manufacturing technology is poised to enter a new phase of increased adoption in a broad range of industries, disrupting traditional manufacturing processes.  Stratasys has the unique ability to provide our customers with a broad range of Additive Manufacturing technologies and solutions, coupled with our in-depth process specific expertise.

So what does the day-to-day service offering look like for the Stratasys Strategic Consulting Division?

From Ideation to Strategy

We will help organizations understand where Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing sits in their customer value chain and their manufacturing supply chain. This process will be comprehensive, from engaging the consumer in the design process through to manufacturing within the retail environment.

We will help organizations understand the economic and technical implications of using Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing technologies in the emerging 3D digital eco-system. We will advise these organizations throughout the entirety of their process, from 3D scanning and data capture through to 3D printing, post processing and assembly.

We will help companies develop implementation roadmaps for the established technologies of today, and the next generation technologies of tomorrow. We will support the decisions that lead to capital investment and the decisions that lead to research and development.
Of course this service portfolio is no accident, it is the result of 12-years working alongside some of the most amazing clients, research partners and university academics. It’s also the result of some amazing team work by the truly exceptional staff at Econolyst.

We may be changing our name and becoming part of a new organization – but we are not changing our core values, which are shared by our 2,900 new colleagues within Stratasys. These values will ensure a future society where 3D Printing technologies enhance lives, communities and environments. … (read more)