eBay Debuts 3D Printing iPhone App

EBay dips its toes into the 3D-printing pool with an iPhone app that lets users customize accessories

Ebay-PrintingEBay announced Friday that it is getting into 3D printing with a new iPhone app called eBay Exact that lets users customize jewelry and accessories that will then be 3D printed and sent to them. Functionally, it’s not mind-blowing, yet it shows just how far 3D printing has come in the past few years and gives a hint of where it could go next

The app is pretty simple: Once you open it up, you see several items from 3D printing companies MakerBot, Sculpteo and Hot Pop Factory: mostly jewelry and iPhone cases, plus a few other items. You pick an item (I chose the Platonix necklace, available through Hot Pop Factory), and then modify a few features like the pattern, material, shape or color. (Some items can’t actually be modified at all.)

Available items are mostly made from plastic and metal. Users pay via eBay-owned payment service PayPal, and the purchase arrives within a week or two.


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Source: mashable.com

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