E-Waste 3D Printer to Mars?

In an ambitious plan, a Togolese designer who created a 3D printer from e-waste dreams that one day his machines might help colonize Mars. (VIDEO)

The West African nation of Togo, like other nations in the region, has become a place where e-waste from Europe and US is dumped.  In most instances, this e-waste is processed by locals who tear down discarded electronics to their core components in the hopes of turning the waste to profit. However, in a complete rethinking of this system, Afate, a Togolese designer, has decide to begin up-cycling rather than recycling the West’s e-waste.

Based off the design of the Mendel 3D Printer that was purchased for Togo’s first hackerspace, WoeLab, the aptly named W.AFATE (WoeLab & Afate) 3D printer has ambitions of being a 3D printer that is proudly “Made in Africa”.

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