Dutch Studio Plans to 3D Print Canal House

Netherlands-based Dus Architects plan to 3D print a canal house in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. Construction is planned to start the first week of March.

Amsterdam has been building canal houses, known as “Amsterdam canal belts,” around the city since 1613. The canal houses, symbols of Amsterdam, are large houses built to overlook a canal.

Now, over 400 years later, the Dutch studio DUS Architects plans to make the first-ever 3D printed canal house. This 3D printed canal house will be located in the “Northern Canal Belt” on the north side of the river IJ, in the center of Amsterdam.

The printing will be done with the help of a mobile 3D printer, known as the KamerMaker, “room maker”. The KamerMaker is capable of printing measurements up to 2 x 2 x 3.5 meters. It was developed by the DUS to print in a wide variety of different plastics and materials, and is what will make this project possible. … (Read more)


Source: 3DPrinter.net

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