Dutch Retail chain HEMA steps into 3D-printing

HEMA stated that this service is not a pilot, as 3D printing has absolutely a future and HEMA wants to make this accessible for everyone.
The company will start with jewelry and phone cases. Consumers use an online design tool to design their own product.
HEMA  cooperates with the online 3D design platform Zazzy.

logohemaAccording to Zazzy’s co-founder Gert Jan Spriensma will HEMA offer different color nylon bracelets and chains, but metal is available as well.

For the production of 3D-printed phone cases HEMA cooperates with another firm. Cases are for the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy ‘s.
The expected delivery time of the 3D printed articles is about fifteen to twenty working days.

Source: Telegraaf


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