Dr. Conor MacCormack will discuss the role of 3D Printing in democratising Innovation during 3D Printing Event

Dr. Conor MacCormack, Co-founder & CEO, Mcor Technologies Ltd will give a presentation about the role of 3D Printing in democratising Innovation during the seminar 3D Printing and Art and Museums

3D Printing Event3D printing can make that possible for low-cost use by virtually anyone, so that they can innovate early and often throughout the design process. More ideas lead to more communication and more communication leads to more innovation. But how can more innovators gain access to high-quality 3D printing? In his keynote address, Dr. MacCormack will explore the role of widely accessible 3D printing, in driving more innovation.

About Dr. Conor MacCormack
Formerly site manager for a 5th Framework European project with Airbus, principal investigator with SPS Technologies in the US aerospace sector, and with a PhD in mechanical engineering, Dr. MacCormack co-founded Mcor Technologies in 2005 to democratise innovation by creating accessible tools based on paper-based Selective Deposition Lamination (SDL) technology. Dr. MacCormack has served as Mcor CEO since 2007, during which the company launched industry-changing products, won national competitions and awards and generated worldwide recognition and demand. Previously, Dr. MacCormack consulted for notable companies, including Boston Scientific, ABS Pumps, Aisle Master, Mantis Cranes, Tanco Autowrap, Keenan Systems and Dromone Engineering.

About Mcor Technologies Ltd
Mcor Technologies Ltd is an innovative manufacturer of the world’s most affordable, full colour and eco-friendly 3D printers. They are the only 3D printers to use ordinary business-letter paper as the build material, a choice that renders durable, stable and tactile models. Established in 2004 with a talented team of specialists in the area of 3D printing, software and CAD/CAM, Mcor’s vision is to make 3D printing more accessible to everyone. The company operates internationally from offices in Ireland, the UK and America.


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