Donated Makerbot 3D printers accelerate distribution of Robohand mechanical hands

A few months ago 3D covered the story of a little boy named Liam getting a new hand. (VIDEO)

Liam was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS), a condition that can result in missing extremities out of the womb. In his case, he has no fingers on his right hand. It wasn’t until he was fitted for a Robohand that he could grasp a ball with the hand, and now others are enjoying the same.

Robohand came out of a collaboration between Richard Van As and Ivan Owen. Richard lost four of his fingers in an unfortunate workshop accident and was unsatisfied with the expensive prosthetic options. He therefore took on the task of restoring his hand by his own means. After building prototypes by hand for a while, he stumbled on a video of Ivan demonstrating his mechanical hand. Richard contacted him and Ivan gladly joined the project. With Richard in South Africa and Ivan in Washington State, their work was slow. But then Makerbot kindly donated a Replicator 2 to each of them, and their progress accelerated greatly.

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Source: 3D Printer

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