Dolf Wittkamper, chairman FreeFormFab Foundation will speak about The New Making

Under the influence of digitalisation and the democratization of means of production and chains a worldwide broad range of new development and manufacturing environments occurs.

Examples include the now famous Fablabs. The term FabLab stands for Fabrication Laboratory and was developed by Neil Gershenfeld, founder of the Center for Bits and Atoms, which is part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). A FabLab is a digital workplace that uses a set open source software and some equipment to make almost anything. Meanwhile, the initiative of Gershenfeld has grown into a global network. In the Netherlands more and more cities have a FabLab, each with their own accents depending on local circumstances and networks.

Against this background Brainport Development and FreeFormFab Foundation develop the so-called FabLab Brabant conform an innovative front and back office model. All together governments, companies, knowledge institutes, workshops and FabLabs will act as the platform and one stop shop for The New Making.

Dolf WittKamper is the owner of MetaClue, Chair of FreeFormFab Foundation and Co-founder of the Co-Creation Association.

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