This DIY 3D-Printed Google Glass Clone Is All Kinds of Cyberpunk

Proto-cyberpunks rejoice: We’re one small step closer to the neon-washed world of dirty tech and night-shrouded alleyways filled with the unscrupulous vendors of hacked and otherwise DIY devices that we’ve dreamed of since we first had our minds blown by Blade Runner.

Adafruit, a site which caters to all things DIY tech, has released a how-to guide for making your own DIY Google Glass-like augmented goggles with a pair of $100 video glasses, a Raspberry Pi mini-computer, and naturally a a 3D printer.

Adafruit’s latest project isn’t the first time someone’s tried to make a feasible Glass-like wearable device, but it is the slickest and most effective I’ve seen yet. There have been humorously clunky and slightly embarrassing attempts in the past, as well as a hulking steampunk version. … (Read more)


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