David Webber Senior Partner at PA Europe will be presenting at 3D printing event!

Senior Partner at PA Europe David Webber will discuss the question: “3D Printing – Is Regulation Coming?” with his audience during the LAW Session at the 3D printing Event.

3D Printing EventIs regulation coming? The simple answer is: YES. The only real question is when and what? 3D printing has been in the public spotlight for a few years now with both good and examples of its potential. While 3D printing is currently hyped to some extent, it is clear that it will have a significant impact on the economy and society. This development will give rise to a number of expected regulatory challenges, such as IPR, illegal use (3D printed guns), legal responsibility, standards, materials, health and safety, sustainability, ethics, health systems, skills and training, etc. For all of these challenges it is essential that policy makers and politicians in Europe understand what 3D printing entails; what it can mean for society and what its economic potential is.


About David Webber

David Webber is currently the Senior Partner of PA Europe – a Brussels based public affairs, strategic communication and lobbying agency. David Webber is also responsible for the media and political relations of the EU Brussels office, bringing him in to daily contact with policy-makers and other stakeholders on a wide variety of issues. Experienced with over 20 years of consultancy and client relationship management he has a sound knowledge and understanding of the processes of public affairs (monitoring, information analysis, strategic input, policy development and lobbying) as well as a developed knowledge of the both the UK and European institutions, decision-making process and European policies.

He is an active member of the EU Committee of the British Chamber of Commerce and currently chair of the Food Taskforce, which also focuses on innovation and science based policy-making. With a background in European politics and environmental science he has also been responsible for the international parliamentary network GLOBE (Global Legislators for a Balanced Environment). In this function David Webber worked closely with environmentally conscious politicians across the planet on sustainable development policy and has worked in Moscow, Brussels, London, Tokyo and Washington.

About PA Europe

PA Europe is part of the PA group of companies with offices in Europe, Japan, US, Russia, Asia and Middle East. The PA group of companies is especially experienced in bringing new and innovative technologies to the market through the creation of socio-political market pull strategies.


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