David Vision Systems supports the 3D Design competition

By providing a David Laserscanner.

DAVID-laserscanner is a very low-cost system for contact-free scanning of 3d objects. The only hardware requirements are a simple commercial hand-held laser and a standard camera.

Compatible to most cameras with Microsoft Windows drivers (WDM):
You can use nearly every MS-Windows compatible camera with WDM support, like your web-cam or fire-wire camera. You can even use your camcorder if you can connect it to your PC (and if you have suitable WDM drivers).

Precise and automatic camera calibration:
It is not possible to get accurate 3d data with an uncalibrated camera. Fortunately DAVID provides a well-integrated and easy to use calibration for automatic computation of the camera’s pose and focal length, as well as for compensation of radial lens distortions. Therefore you can accurately scan your objects with absolute scale.

Data smoothing and interpolation:
By moving the laser like a paintbrush, you can sweep over the object until the scan results are smooth and all gaps are filled. Beside that, you can use the gap interpolation and smoothing filters of DAVID to refine your scans.

Texture support:
You can grab a camera shot that will be used as texture. The texturized 3d model can be inspected in the 3d window. Furthermore DAVID exports texture coordinates, which allows you to import the textured object in third-party software.

Integrated 3d viewer:
Inspect your 3d model right after scanning with the integrated OpenGL-based 3D viewer of DAVID.

File export:
Save your scanned object as Alias Wavefront OBJ file. The OBJ-format is an well-established plain text format for triangle meshes and is supported by many 3d applications. (Further file formats can be exported with DAVID-Shapefusion.)


For more information about the 3D Design competition, click here.

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