THE CUBE: A 3D printer that fits on your home desktop

“The Cube” is one of many recent creations by 3D Systems. It is a small consumer-based 3D printer that allows consumers to print cups, plates and even toys for kids. The most basic Cube 3D printer is around $1,299 and can be found online at department stores like WalMart and Sam’s Club.

Joe Thomas, 53, a mechanical engineer with the Schaeffler Group in Charlotte, N.C., owns his own personal 3D printer. Thomas owns an M2 series 3D printer from Markergear, which he purchased from the Ohio-based 3D printer manufacturer. However, he has worked with 3D Systems printers for his job at Schaeffler.

“As materials and software advance and better machines are produced in large numbers, I think 3D printers will be as common as inkjet printers,” Thomas said. “I believe that one day many houses will have a printer, but the speed of printing will have to be drastically faster for the process to become commonplace. … (Read more)


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