CreoPop – The New 3D Printing Pen Uses “Cool Ink”

We have recently heard about various 3D pens. CreoPop, a startup from Singapore is now fundraising on Indiegogo, to make a better 3D pen and soon will reach its goal of $40,000. Their team has successfully launched 20 companies in consumer electronics, 3D printing, internet services etc. till date.

The 3Doodler pen uses plastic ink which usually emits an unpleasant smell. Moreover, the pen’s tip seems to heat up to around 270 degrees Celsius, which can be really harmful for children because of melting plastic. But the CreoPop works differently as the ink it uses is termed as “Cool Ink” because it is made up of light-sensitive resin (photopolymers) which is capable of solidifying when it comes in contact with UV Rays. CreoPop promises that its ink would offer unique properties such as a conductor of electricity, glowing in the dark, changing color based on room temperature etc.

The CreoPop operates on battery (charged through USB) unlike 3Doodler which uses a power socket. The CreoPop costs US $89 for the pen and around $2 – $3 for the cartridge which is relatively cheap when compared to other 3D pens. Each cartridge is capable of printing a 14 meter line (with a diameter of 3mm). You can watch the video to know more about CreoPop. … (Read more)