Come Sail Away! In this Large-Scale 3D Printed, Two Person Boat

The large 3D printers are lumbering out of the docks. Among continuing developments in 3D printing has been the increasing scale of 3D printers like the large FFF 3D printer out of China. This large-scale platform has successfully printed a two-person boat in what may possibly be symbolic upon hindsight.

The ship is sailing in this industry, and the possibilities continue to expand. As project leader Chen Minqiao knows, the field is as known and fully explored as the sea blending into the horizon.

The parameters of the printer accommodated the large scale production of a fully functional boat ready for use. Printed with nylon resin material, the 2-meter-long boat weighs 35 kilograms and can accommodate two adults. The FFF 3D printer touts the ability to print objects that are 6 meters long, 4 meters wide, and 2 meters tall. Even though this 3D printer takes up considerably more space than a typical desktop 3D printer, the manufacturing space still remains miniscule compared with traditional manufacturing space. … (Read more)