Clare Cunningham, Faberdashery, will speak at the 3D Printing Event

She will speak in the session about 3D printing and materials
About At Faberdashery
At Faberdashery our aim is to provide the 3D printing community with the best printing material available. We are a small and energetic company that believes in the power of 3D printing as a world-changing technology. We are willing to listen to ideas and respond swiftly to new demands. Our aim is to continuously develop our products to help you make your prints amazing.

Faberdashery works with some of the leading specialists in 3D printing. Using their knowledge and expertise we have developed our materials to be of exceptionally high quality. This is why you won’t find print material with better tolerances, colour or print quality!

Faberdashery is based in the UK, and that is where we get all of our manufacturing done. This means that Faberdashery filament travels less distance, is closely checked for quality and is of the highest UK manufacturing standards.

Most importantly, at Faberdashery we are passionate about 3D printing. We get excited about our materials and we can’t wait to see what you will print with them!


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