Cheap Ink-Jet Printed Circuitry

Researchers at Georgia Tech have created a new technique that’ll allow nearly anyone to create circuitry using a desktop printer. The project, which was initially a in the hands of the University of Tokyo and with Microsoft Research, uses a desktop printer to laydown conductive circuit wiring on resin coated paper, PET films and photo papers.

print, nanoparticle, circuit, georgia tech, microsoft, tokyo, design, printer,According to Georgia Tech the new printing technique can use silver nanoparticle ink to create circuits in as little as 60 seconds.

“We believe there is an opportunity to introduce a new approach to the rapid prototyping of fully custom-printed circuits,” said Gregory Abowd, Regents’ Professor in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech and an investigator in the study. “Unlike existing methods for printing conductive patterns, conductivity in our technique emerges within a few seconds and without the need for special equipment.”

What’s more everything used in the development of the project is available to consumers. For about $300 you can build your own circuit printing machine. That development alone has excited researchers, “Using this technology in the classroom, it would be possible to introduce students to basic electronics principles very cheaply, and they could use a range of electronic components to augment the experience,” said Steve Hodges, a team member from Microsoft Research.”

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