You Can Look AND You Can Touch, the Magic of 3D Printing

“An alternative display case” or, in Finnish, “Vaihtoehto vitriinille”, is a collaborative project between the Sports Museum of Finland and local 3D printing and scanning service Versoteq. Their idea is simple and yet poignant: to display 3D printed copies of items in the museum’s collection for the public to touch and feel.

This is not the first such project but it is always fascinating to see how 3D printing has made the old saying “you can look but you can’t touch” obsolete. This is particularly true in the case of valuable works of art, that can be made available for the local public to physically interact with and for the more remote public to duplicate and appreciate locally.

The Smithsonian’s X3D project, in collaboration with Autodesk, is centered on 3D scanning and is one of the main examples of the second kind of “augmented fruition”, that is making valuable cultural artefacts available everywhere. The Versoteq project, on the other hand, is more focused on the possibility for local museum visitors to touch the objects they have come to see. … (Read more)


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