You Can Help Design A 3D Printed Open Source Elements Dress With Anouk Wipprecht

Dutch fashiontech designer Anouk Wipprecht is developing a 3D printed Open Source Elements Dress constructed from modules created by the design community. Simply download the element file, create your custom design and submit the printed part to Wipprecht by 13th September so she can incorporate it into the overall dress design.

Wipprecht has made a name for herself among the growing number of 3D printed fashion designers across the world, and she is particularly well-known for her dynamic, over the top creations including her spectacular smoke dress. She is partnering with Austrian design collective Polaire to create the open source garment. The dress will be constructed from a series of interconnected 3D printed “elements” — modules created and printed by designers all over the world.

The dress will be assembled Saturday September 13th for the Open Day event at the 25 hours Hotel in MuseumsQuartier Vienna taking place on 13-14 September. Wipprecht will be demonstrating the dress throughout the weekend, and will continuously deconstruct and modify it with additional submitted parts. If you are in Vienna for the event you can bring your dress module with you, or even bring in the file and have it 3D printed at the show. The dress will also be assembled and presented at Dutch Design Night on Sunday 14th September. …  (Read more)