Can 3D printing disrupt the manufacturing industry?

Pirate3D Chief Pirate Roger Chang talks about copyrights in 3D printing and additional technologies needed to aid it. Pirate3D has expanded its offerings. Its online 3D design and app marketplace Treasure Island is also in development.

The last time we touched base with Pirate3D back in January, it had just expanded to Japan and South Korea, partnering with Keienu Trading Company in Japan and Alien Technology in South Korea to penetrate local markets.

Pirate3D has compared Treasure Island to Google Play, with users able to browse 3D models and modelling apps, print objects with a single click, of course, provided they have a 3D printer. All signs point to Pirate3D’s intention of developing an ecosystem centred on the Buccaneer, using Treasure Island as an online marketplace and platform for 3D printing activities focussed on its product and creating stickiness with its user community.

e27 chatted up with Chief Pirate and Founder, Roger Chang, who spoke about copyrights in 3D printing, additional technologies needed to aid it and the company’s future plans. … (Read more)