Buttercup the Duck’s got a fully 3D printed foot (VIDEO)

Previously, the adventures of Buttercup, which took him to the Peabody hotel to become honoury Duckmaster, involved a part 3D printed, part moulded replacement foot – needed due to a birth defect and subsequent amputation. 

The problem with this, is that it is expensive to get new ones if it breaks or becomes uncomfortable. Buttercup’s carers, the Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary decided that if they wanted to continue 3D printing duck’s feet, they’d need a fully 3D printable design and the printer to print it on. So they started a fundraising drive in order to purchase an in-house 3D printer.

Buttercup’s fame no doubt helped in this quest but the worthy cause is aimed at printing other feet for other waterfowl. Thanks to the help of the public- who all now have a 3D printed Buttercup’s foot keyring – the rescue centre now have a 3D Printer. (Read more)

Source: Prsnlz.me

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