Building a 3D printer with a 3D printer

A NYC open source community member plans to launch a self-build 3D printer kit

There’s no doubt that 3D printing technology is becoming more widely recognised by the day, gaining a much more prominent position in industry.

Though it’s not widely known yet, one factor contributing to this upsurge is the open source nature of 3D printing technology and its community of enthusiasts. These are designers, developers and followers who are assisting in making this technology more ubiquitous by taking advantage of 3D printer design blueprints, which are available online for download, enabling the construction of homemade 3D printing machines.

We visited New York last week, where it was apparent that such a community has been active for some time. We met with one of its members, full-time architect Gordon Laplante. Laplante not only used online 3D printer designs shared by an open source group online to build a 3D printer from raw materials, but once that was built he then used that machine to print out parts to build his own much bigger version, all in the comfort of his living room.

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Source: The Inquirer

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