Bram Geenen of Ground3D will be presenting at 3D Printing Event

Bram Geenen will talk aboutThe edge of 3D printing” during the Seminar ‘The future of Tools (hardware, software or platforms), Open Source or Propietary’

3D Printing EventThe presentation shares the current state of the art practices and experiments done with 3D printing.

About Bram Geenen

Bram Geenen is a product designer who has developed a number of 3D printed furniture pieces.He also works as a researcher at Ground3d, the Dutch knowledge center on 3D printing. His web-startup Wevolver develops an application where people can host hardware projects for collaborative development.

About Ground 3D

Ground3d is a Dutch knowledge center for 3D printing. Since 2011 it has been spreading knowledge about 3D printing by organzing online and offline events, lectures and exhibits, and by researching te growth of the 3D printing industry.


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