Boeing Introducing State-Of-The-Art 3D Printed Jet Engine

Jet engines went into production in the 1930s. They are a technological marvel, having transported many passengers many miles very fast. However, the airline industry does not think they are marvelous enough. GE Aviation, a subsidiary of General Electric, has announced that it plans on making jet engines more reliable and efficient by manufacturing with 3D printing, reports CNN.

Earlier this year, GE Aviation announced that it is investing $50 million in 3D printing technology at its aviation plant in Auburn, Alabama. One large-scale 3D printer can run over a $1 million, but aircraft executives are betting that the savings in production costs will at some point pay for themselves, according to The Atlantic.

High-powered laser beams will melt metal powder into precise parts for the next-generation engine in a process called Leading Edge Aviation Propulsion (LEAP). Even better, no assembly is required. This process prints in one run eliminating the need for multiple nozzles, which are typically associated with 3D printing. … (Read more)