Berlin’s 3D Printing Café

A Berlin coffee shop is connecting 3D printing technology with customers, to help bring 3D printing to the public and to make it more accessible and interesting to students, designers, and consumers alike.

The coffee shop, DimensionAlley, is a merge between café and 3D print shop, and takes an entirely different approach than traditional cafés. Instead of offering Wi-Fi with coffee and pastries, they are offering 3D printing services.

This family-run business opened in the heart of Berlin in December 2013, and is Berlin’s first 3D printing café. DimensionAlley provides expert service and support for 3D printing as well coffee and pastries.

Their customers range in age, and the printed items vary as well. DimensionAlley has also started workshops and class trips in hopes of introducing 3D printing to the younger generation. Recently, DimensionAlley hosted a group of preschoolers, and 3D printed model horses, dinosaurs, and key chains. Norma Barr, co-founder of DimensionAlley, says that the preschoolers were “amazed” at the 3D printing. … (Read more)


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