Asda 3D printer makes mini models of you

Retail giant Asda began offering 3D-printed “mini-me” statuettes alongside fruit, veg and other everyday staples in its store at The Jewel.

Edinburgh customers were among the first in Scotland to have access to the technique when it was trialled in the east of the city.

Already producing everything from guns to car parts, 3D printing – which uses computer-controlled robots to make three-dimensional objects of virtually any shape from a digital model – has moved into the most intimate areas of private life, with one American couple grabbing global headlines after they launched a business which uses the technology to make ultrasound-based unborn foetus figurines for parents.

And far from being creeped out, city shoppers have swooped on the opportunity to pay up to £60 for a ceramic replica, with Asda bosses saying last month’s 3D trial sessions were completely booked. … (Read more)


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