Announcing Airstone, an interactive simulation environment powered by a supercomputer

Airstone Labs is a San Francisco-based startup developing a groundbreaking new simulation product aimed at the product design and engineering markets.

The company is inviting early customers to contact us, to influence product direction and reserve their spot on the 2013 supercomputing-capacity roadmap.

The Airstone simulation environment turns batch simulation into a real-time environment where the user can interactively test different product designs. The tool is based on production-tested infrastructure, and is backed by a Series A investment from leading venture capital investors.

Airstone is an integrated software and hardware service, built from the ground up to utilize massive high performance supercomputers with hundreds of thousands of CPU cores. This tight integration allows users to run complex multi-physics simulations in real-time, thereby disrupting their current product design and engineering processes by massively increasing their productivity.

The company is built on a solid foundation of two years of live production experience. The fundamental technologies of Airstone – the Gen6 geometric modeling kernel and the custom cluster management system – were key components of the very popular consumer modeling package Tinkercad. The Gen6 is the only geometric modeling kernel that scales to thousands of CPU cores, while the bespoke cluster management system enables quick scaling of simulation codes to large numbers of computation nodes.

The company is also pleased to announce that it has closed a Series A financing round led by True Ventures, with new investments from Borealis Ventures and Lifeline Ventures. “When they founded Tinkercad and set out to build the web’s leading cloud-based CAD tool, Kai and Mikko had to first build a supercomputer-scale modeling kernel. In the process of following our close friend Steve Blank’s customer development process, the team at Airstone Labs identified a far more exciting market for their groundbreaking computing platform: real-time simulation and computational engineering. We are thrilled to support such an incredibly talented team as they rush full bore into this space with tremendous technology already live. Our adventure with Airstone is just beginning, and all of us at True could not be more excited.“ says Jon Callaghan of True Ventures, who will be joining the Airstone Board of Directors.

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