Ann Marie Shillito will be presenting at 3D printing event

Ann Marie Shillito, CEO of Anarkik3D Ltd will speak during the Art and Museums session about Digital Crafts

3D Printing EventNo longer is 3D printing just for prototyping. Direct metal sintering, 3D printing in glass and ceramics, in quality polyamides means the printed object is the end product. 3D printing is at the stage of beginning to provide amazing opportunities particularly for designer makers and applied artists. This group of creative people have the knowledge, skills and handcrafts, gained from physically handling and working with materials, to straddle the analogue and digital worlds, They have the ability to transfer their expertise into the digital arena and apply real world constraints to extend boundaries by working virtually.

To quote Peter Dormer ‘…it is craft as knowledge that empowers a maker to take charge of technology.’ (1997

I focus on the creativity of a small number of designer makers who are perhaps less well known and who are quietly working away with these technologies. They have made a leap of faith and committed time and effort to long hours of learning and adjustment to get to grips with an entirely different way of working. This has often meant less hands-on time at the bench. But they are doing inspiring things, some in ways that are not scary and intimidating, some pushing the boundaries of existing programmes and others developing their own methods of working and production. They are discovering that they can make these technologies their own.


About Ann Marie Shilito

Ann Marie Shillito is founder and CEO of Anarkik3D. A practicing designer maker / contemporary jeweller, honorary research fellow (Edinburgh College of Art) and author of a book (‘Digital Crafts: Industrial Technologies for Applied Artists and Designer Makers’), she is passionate about the power of making. She brings unique knowledge and understanding of the creative sector, manufacturing processes and the value of user centred development to the creation of Anarkik3D’s remarkable touch enabled 3D sketch/modelling software which is developed for designer makers to tap into their tacit knowledge, skills and expertise, gained from hands-on experience working directly with material and processes.

About Anarkik3D

The Company was set up in early 2007. The two founders, Ann Marie Shillito and Xiaoqing Cao, the senior programmer on the PoC Project, are from design and computer science disciplines respectively. Their combined complementary knowledge and expertise established the Company’s distinctive USP of ‘inclusivity’ by grounding product development in user feedback.

About Anarkik 3D Design haptic 3D modelling software:

Seeing a gap in the market for a product designed specifically for the art and design sectors, Anarkik3D developed its own brand 3D modelling package, Cloud9, with high usability, practical, productive application and affordable price tag as priorities. With easier entrée to 3D digital modelling, artists and designers have access to industrial technologies such as 3D printing and all the advantages and benefits for their businesses and practice.


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