Alexander Hermanns (Genicap & Indicia) presents about 3D content creation

Drs. Alexander Hermanns, Director Technology & Innovation of Genicap and Indicia presents at the 3D Printing Event: “The 3D content creation splits” at the session 3D Design Software.

Accessible and 3D modeling software is an important driver for the adoption of 3D printing. There are challenges involved: At the customer oriented side of the spectrum, software can’t be simple and intuitive enough. At the professional opposite, topology calculations and full physical modelling of growing complexity have to be managed. Meanwhile, the possibilities of 3D printing need to be incorporated in traditional CAD/CAM applications so companies are able to benefit from the enhanced degrees of freedom. During this session, Alexander Hermanns will explain and demonstrate the approach that Genicap has chosen to solve the splits, starting from a consumer’s perspective.

AlexanderAbout Alexander Hermanns
Alexander has a background in Software Development, Creative Arts Therapy, Psychology and Business Administration. He has worked in health care, government, corporate and SME environments, with a focus on bringing together innovative technology, people and business. He is a member of several advisory boards in NL and abroad, including two in 3D printing. As a maker by heart he is also findable in his garage during evening hours, working on “projects”.

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Indicia: Achieving results together, the people oriented tech company. Genicap: Bringing the possibilities of the SuperFormula to the world.

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