AIJU presents at 3D Printing Event Madrid: “Quick Successful Solutions by 3D Printing”

Asunción Martínez García of AIJU  confirmed to present at the 3D Printing Event in Madrid. Title of his presentation:”Quick successful solutions by means of Additive Manufacturing. García is Manager Materials and Techonologies at this non-profit association devoted to research, development and technological innovation. 

Different companies have used the additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies for manufacturing commercial and industrial parts in a quick and efficient way. Some of these successful cases will be presented as well as the challenges and opportunities for the industry that offers those technologies in the near future.

foto Suny 2011About Asunción Martínez García
Materials and Technologies Manager in AIJU since 2008. PhD in Chemistry (Alicante University). Expert member of ISO TC261 “Additive manufacturing”. Participation and managing of funded European and national research projects; international scientific publications.  Nowadays working in laser sintering and 3D printing, polymer characterization, injection moulds, conductive polymers, plastic-natural wastes composites, adhesion and surface treatment.

About AIJU Technological Institute for children´s products & leisure
AIJU is a non-profit association devoted to research, development and technological innovation of SMEs within different industrial sectors (toys, childcare, leisure, plastic, playgrounds, mould makers, food contact materials, automotive, etc.). The company is a Research Centre specialized in children’s products and leisure, based in Spain (Europe) and also established in China (Asia).

AIJU offers a wide range of technological services aimed at improving the quality of your products and business competitiveness, adapting your products to legislative and technological requirements, and market forces at any given time; in the areas of child and product safety, technology advice, testing, design and product development, prototyping, improved industrial processes, adapting products to the market, consumer knowledge of children, psychologist counselling, training, etc. AIJU is made up of a multidisciplinary team of over 70 experts in advanced manufacturing, materials, safety, market, consumer psychology, education, etc.

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