ADIDAS: All Day I Dream About (3)D (Printing) Soccer

The Hong Kong creative studio, AllRightsReserved, recently collaborated with renowned sportswear brand, Adidas, for a 3D printed ad campaign and interactive art installation that will really knock your cleats off.  It involves famous athletes and pop stars, hip and retro artifacts, and high-definition 3D scanning and prints that combine to create a lot of really stunning artwork.

jan 3D Printed Adidas AllRightsReservedAs told to us by Wincy of AllRightsReserved, the project, titled “We Print Originals”, is meant “to honor the spirit of Hong Kong’s collective memory of vintage objects (objects nearly or already disappeared in Hong Kong).”  What the studio did was this: they wrangled up Hong Kong’s most popular celebrities, such as pop singer Eason Chan, and had them pose with a number of virtually extinct objects (boomboxes, double-decker busses, red post office boxes, etc.). Then, they scanned the scenes – including “the world’s last remaining extended 3-axle bus (a.k.a.: ‘White Shark’), which will be disappearing soon” – with an Artec Eva handheld laser scanner and a Faro Focus3D scanner to capture every detail imaginable. The Hong Kong stars paired with their retrofacts (a portmandeu I’m coining to mean “retro artifacts”) were 3D printed to be placed around Hong Kong’s flagship Adidas Store on Hankow Road.  While most of the printed figures are 25 cm tall, there will be an Eason Chan figurine scaled just large enough to scare your children.

Really, AllRightsReserved couldn’t describe the project better:

Do you still remember? Those double-decker “hot dog buses” running through sweet and sour times with us, those red post boxes carrying our love letters, those cassette boomboxes creating fanatical trends for youngsters “blasting” the music at the beach, those heavy “Big brother” brick cell phones that began bringing people closer, or even those TV games you played in childhood … These long-gone but delightful vintage objects are reminiscent of Hong Kong’s good old times.

The installation will be open to the public from September 5 to September 18. With help from J.I.E Technology and Dubai-based This Is Me, a 3D scanning and printing firm, patrons will have a chance to take part in the scanning process. Customers who spend over HK$3,800 (USD $490) in merchandise from a number of Adidas stores are eligible to have 6 cm blue replicas of themselves with vintage artifacts printed for them.





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