A1 Technologies is partner of the 3D Printing event

A1 Technologies will exhibit their 3D printing products, but particulalrly the cutting edge ‘haptic’ applications like Chameleon, and will speak during the seminar about 3D design for the regular consumer.
About A1 Technologies Ltd.
Established in 2009, A1 Technologies supplies highly affordable, entry-level 3D digital technologies to educational and industrial organisations across the world. The company has extensive experience of advanced 3D digital technologies for many disciplines including design, engineering and manufacturing together with a philosophy of integrating these technologies to provide a complete solution.

A1 fervently believes in promoting 3D digital technologies at the earliest opportunity – specifically into school curriculums to encourage understanding and uptake by future engineers. With a demonstrable remit of democratizing 3D technology across the board, A1 Technologies is working with a wide range of clients in many different industry sectors.

A1 Technologies offers revolutionary cutting edge ‘haptic’ applications which deliver a high quality, immersive 3D experience to its users. Our combination of affordability and cutting edge integration enhances and facilitates greater efficiency when working, creating, training or simply just playing in virtual 3D.

With Chameleon, created by Anarkik3D, anyone can be creative and easily model and construct 3D objects, especially free-form shapes, which can then be directly 3D printed. For designers and artists, Cloud9 is a sketch/modelling software which enables easy and fluid conceptualisation and visualisation of ideas directly in 3D.

Chameleon uses new touch enabling technology, a ‘haptic’ device, to replace the 2D mouse. The device is Novint’s Falcon which gives more natural interaction within the 3 dimensional virtual space making Chameleon significantly more intuitive for working in 3D. Moreover it is affordable making the package accessible to anyone and everyone.

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