A 3D printed Lexus at the 2013 Seoul Auto Show? (VIDEO)

At the 2013 Seoul Auto Show in South Korea, Lexus introduced four novel interactive demonstration tables that utilized several 3D printed model cars to give show attendees a better understanding of the style and quality of their automobiles.

The project was designed and created for Lexus bydesignfever, a South Korean design firm that specializes in producing unique and clever concepts.  The projects’ interactive director, HyungJu Shin, explained that each demonstration table consisted of several iPads, each of which had five different model Lexus cars that could be used with the iPad.  When one of the models was selected and placed on the iPad, the iPad reacted by showing interactive content that the viewer could manipulate and play with by moving the model car around on the screen.  Each model was equipped with five “touch point” pads so that the iPad app recognized which model was being used and could display the correct content for that particular model.

Bruce IBerg, of designfever’s brand strategy division, said that “the project was successful in that it really resonated with users of all ages – and the 3D printer was a large part of the process.  Younger children got to have the experience of ‘driving a car’ on the Tablet, while older generations could maneuver the model cars to understand more information about the vehicles on display.”  He noted that the tables were so popular that “it seemed as if more people were interested in interacting with the table than with the actual life-size models on display.”

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The video below shows the project in action at the 2013 Seoul Auto Show. If this link doesn’t work, please click here.

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