8 insights about the coming era of interactive design

This 18-minute documentary talks to some of the brightest in the industry about what’s next (VIDEO)

As you watch, you’ll see a general consensus on a few really important points. They’d make a decent poster:
1. Our phones demand too much attention, detracting from our real experiences.
2. Analog metaphors are making less sense on digital devices.
3. We’re waiting for new paradigms in experiencing media like text on screens.
4. UX is a living, somewhat unpredictable thing. All experiences need to be fluid and flexible now.
5. You shouldn’t just try to understand a product. You should try to understand its connected network.
6. An “Internet of things”–countless connected sensors–is coming (and here).
7. All of our information feeds into something larger than ourselves, a “superorganism” or “colony” of digital information.
8. The hive mind got so big that greater Internet thought is now manifesting locally (think Egypt’s uprising or Occupy Wall Street).

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Source: Fast Company

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