6 Examples Of How To Use 3D Printed Marketing In 2014

Being part of the printer industry in the UK, it’s been impossible to miss the advances of 3D printing in a myriad of industries. From a design, medicinal, creative, and progressive point of view, the printers offer an incredible opportunity for major technological steps. 

One of the leading companies in the field, MakerBot, have spearheaded the technology for some time now. They have offered numerous innovations, and recently opened up a digital store which is the 3D printing equivalent of iTunes. With numerous other projects from others companies, such as 3D printed food and clothes, it is apparent 2014 will develop on this growing craze. On the case in 2013 were several marketing schemes, suggesting the tangibility of such a practice could entice customers. Is 2014 the year for a 3D printing marketing explosion? Here are some of the avenues which could be exploited.

1. Big Brands
Many major brands have been taking to 3D printing in an attempt to steal a march on competitors. Coca Cola are one of many – at their Israeli base they ran a competition for customers to design a “mini-me” on their phones. They then cared for their creation (like a Tamagotchi, if you remember the toys), and selected winners then got the chance to print their mini-me off at a Coca-Cola factory. The campaign ran with a fun advertising campaign.

LEGO are considering the possibility of allowing customized 3D blocks. This would add an individualistic feel for customers keen on building unique products. As LEGO are fighting against ever popular gadgets and the video games industry, this would make for appealing marketing campaigns. Many other companies around the world (such as ASDA in the UK, and Omote 3D in Japan) have offered customers the opportunity to have 3D models of themselves printed off. … (Read more)

Source: Business2Community.com

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