3DPandoras: The first consumer Full-Color 3d printer at Kickstarter (VIDEO)

According to the developers the following issues of 3D Printers have been solved: 1. We do not have to worry about what position the object should be placed on. Success rate can be achieved significantly higher than before.

2. We can take support structures out of our minds and totally forget about their positioning, density etc. The most important thing is that we do not need a whole bunches of tool kits to take away support structures.

3. No matter how complex 3D objects are, we can use Pandoras to make it happen with little effort.

4. OMG! Finally we are able to have 3D printout(s) with full color capacity. Product(s) can be applied to:

a. General single-colored 3D object for engineering purpose

b. Full color on bas-relief

c. It also can be used as molding through mixing powder from metal material into gypsum or casting it into copper and aluminum alloys

d. A wide range of colored 3D objects

The material we used is powder under our special treatment. We spent six years working on the “magic” powder for more than a dozen trials and errors. Ultimately we come up with a highly satisfactory recipe until this year. This recipe will let the printout have better appearance and it will not “collapse” when the printing is over. After the completion of printing on each layer, we still need to use a “special” type of binder, which will make powder from each layer adhere more tightly than before. Although this step costs us lots of effort and resource, the progress is developed tremendously and quality of the printout substantially improved. We all strongly agree it worth us doing it. After the printout is finished, we will soak it into our “exceptional” curing agent for 20 seconds in order to improve its toughness and hardness. Since this additional step is over, we just need to take the object out and finalize the shape and it’s done. If you need to print out an object for a quick and dirty use, you can simply pour curing agent onto the object. The finally quality is still good to use but less hard and durable compared with soaked version. Below is the complete picture for our related material, including “magic” powder, “special” binder and “exceptional” curing agent.