3D Systems introduces Cubify Invent 3D design program

According to 3D Systems, it’s the first 3D design program created to specifically support 3D printers. And most specifically, of course, their own 3D printer, the Cube.
It’s a $49 program (there’s a 15-day free trial) that (sigh) only works on Windows. We don’t understand this thinking, as the Cube just looks like something that should connect to a Mac. I had also thought of it as a printer that would make a great Christmas gift for kids of well-to-do families–but these kids aren’t using Windows, they are using Macs.

There are many 3D modeling tools to choose from in order to create your 3D designs. Some are free, some are moderately priced, and some are outright expensive. But not one of these were created with the express intent of producing a design that will be 3D Printed.

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Source: 3dprinter.net

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