3D Systems acquires Rapidform

This combination of products, software and services brings together an unparalleled portfolio of 3D content-to-print solutions that serve designers, engineers, manufacturers and educators throughout the entire design and development process through manufacturing

3D Systems and Rapidform share a capability and passion to deliver the best products and services for moving freely between design and reality. 3D Systems has acquired Rapidform as a key component in their strategy of providing end-to-end 3D content-to-print solutions. The ability to generate useful 3D content from real parts is core to this mission.

Over the coming days, 3D Systems will work closely with their new Rapidform counterparts to educate everyone across the growing organization on these powerful new Scan-to-CAD and Inspection tools. The combined technology, financial strength and agility means that people will see the pace of Rapidform’s innovation accelerate. Future releases will have better tools and greater integration with both input and output methods. Reverse engineering and inspection processes will get easier and faster, while disruptive new developments will make 3D data capture much more powerful and accessible.

Source 3D Systems

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