3D Printing Transforms Ordinary Items Into Extraordinary Pieces of Design

Some folks will complain about the unfinished, monochromatic aesthetic of objects made by many desktop 3D printers. With a little creativity, however, this aesthetic can be used to its advantage. TAKT Project, a Japanese design agency, has transformed ordinary objects into genius designs using small, 3D-printed widgets.

TAKT, which has worked with such big names as MUJI and Sony, has developed what they call 3-PRING Product. 3-PRING combines the DIY attitude of the growing Maker movement with the mass-produced aesthetic of industrial design. By applying 3D-printed parts to goods manufactured by MUJI, 3-PRING reinvents the sorts of things you might find at IKEA by turning them into novel DIY projects. Check out the brilliant table they made below by placing a piece of honeycomb cardboard atop four chairs outfitted with 3D printed components. … (Read more)

Chair 3D Printing TAKT Project

Source:  3DPrintingIndustry.com

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