3D Printing Technology at Your Fingertips

3D printed nail art is taking manicures to a completely new level.

The Laser Girls is a collaboration of two New York City designers; Sophie Kahn and Lucas Goossens. Combining fashion with technology, The Laser Girls create 3D printed nails, similar to press-on acrylic nails, but with an unmistakable 3D touch. With technology turning towards printable, wearable art, it’s only natural that this trend would take shape.

These nails aren’t just artistic, they’re entirely 3-dimensional, with designs ranging from Lego-inspired looks to snakeskin, to futuristic and ornately designed talons. The 3D nails are acrylic printed in many designs, colors, and shapes, and are certainly a sight worth seeing. … (Read more)


Source: 3DPrinter.net

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