3D Printing Solar Solutions

3D-printable file repositories by now hold many a gem of innovation and design. The largest repository, MakerBot’s Thingiverse, holds a fair share of these. One such innovation is Rob Martin’s thing 53321: A Dual Axis Solar Tracker. Whether the weather confuses you into casting aside climate chaos, or you comprehend that mankind requires a fundamental shift in energy consumption behaviours, this is cool 3D-printable kit.

Sun SaluterThere is an increasing range of 3D printable, open source and upcycled solar power solutions for home assembly, and more importantly, applications for the developing world. Let’s remember that Africa alone is projected to have a population of some two billion by the middle of this century. This is simply unsustainable on current trajectories. Although estates suggest a plateau around the 9.1 billion mark for the world population of Homo Sapien Sapien, the essence is very much still ‘Go forth and Multiply:’ with no indication of when to stop…

Rob’s Dual Axis Solar Tracker is a neat example of just what can be achieved with a bit of know-how, a fair bit of innovation and a lot of dedication. No longer is the answer to the wide range of global problems only in the hands of giant corporations and the policy / decision making of government officials. More and more we are seeing every day people take the initiative and show that it certainly doesn’t take billions of pounds/dollars/euros to make a difference in the world. Quite the opposite.

As the trend for open source hardware takes a firmer hold, in an analogous way to the trend for open source software, large corporations as well as SMEs will feed on the innovations of the individual: otherwise known as crowd-sourcing. This is not a negative, it is a highly productive synergy, so long as Intellectual Property orientated big business does not become parasitic upon the open source designer and maker – and, indeed, it has to be said: the other way around.

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Source: 3dprintingindustry.com

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