3D printing: Seven weird and wonderful uses

An EU project to “print” smooth, blended food for the elderly is making headlines. But it is not the only 3D printing project to catch the eye…

1. Smooth food for the elderly
One of the main causes of malnutrition among the elderly, scientists believe, is that people lose their love of food in old age. This is exacerbated by being forced to eat unappetising-looking purreed food. One solution is to reconstitue the pureed food back into “normal” shapes – be it a carrot or chicken leg – using silicone moulds. But 3D printing would allow, in theory, a limitless number of shapes. Also, nutritional supplements could be added directly to the blend.

2. Missing parts for household appliances
How many times has the plubmer/electrician/builder left your home, after an expensive call out, saying “I’ll need to come back when I have the spare part”. All the the major appliance manufacturers publish their instruction manuals online. It is only a small stretch to imagine them publishing software which would allow you, or your tradesman, to print the crucial spare part in a matter of minutes. Of course, at the moment, it would take you many hours, but things will improve… (Read more)

Source: Telegraph.uk

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