3D printing Price check Page is online

The idea for the website was born, when the founders realized how difficult it is to get reliable information on the prizes of different 3D printing services—before uploading the file to each of their websites.

Some services publish the information on their website, a few mention it in blog posts, but the inconvenient trend is to only reveal the cost for printing a model once you uploaded it.

The purpose of this site is to provide you with price estimates for many 3D printing services and their material options. To be able to do this, we compiled price information from all available sources for the 3D printing services which are currently represented in our results. For some services we can give estimates with high confidence, for others we could not find precise pricing information and expect our estimate to be a little off. For full transparence, this page gives you the details of how we compiled the data.

The following services are being checked:

  • Shapeways
  • Ponoko
  • Kraftwürx
  • Sculpteo
  • i.materialise
  • Other services

Go to the website of 3D printing Price check Page.

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