3D-printing networker Robert Vissers from Economi 3D will speak at 3D printing event

Economi3d is a young company, started July 2013, Providing 3D-printing services, watching the trends, and acting on what’s needed. In short – a lean startup. Current activities: actual printing, spreading the word.

3D Printing EventEducated as IT-consultant, Robert Vissers worked and lived abroad (Milano and Copenhagen) for an international company well known it the Eindhoven region. He discovered 3D-printing out of curiosity. As a printer-owner he’s linked to 3D-Hubs, making his printer available to the general public. Robert wrote a booklet for engaging the general public to 3D-printing. Currently connecting people and taking on assignments. Networker. What he has learned so far is that there is a lot happening in the field of 3D-printing. We are in need of the Creativity of the General Public, so let’s make it easy and get the consumers on board.

The subject that Robert Visser will talk about will follow.

Read more about the program of the 3D printing event here

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