3D printing + molecular gastronomy = 3D printed ‘fruit’

UK company Dovetailed announced the launch of their new 3D fruit printer, a device that creates 3D fruits in a matter of seconds. The printer uses a molecular-gastronomy technique called spherification. By combining individual liquid droplets with different flavours into a desired shape, it allows the creation of interesting bespoke fruits.

The 3D printer is aimed at chefs, foodies and anyone interested in making creative dining experiences. No specialist knowledge of cuisine or molecular-gastronomy is required, to rapidly create fresh and organic 3D fruits on demand.

The 3D fruit printer is being revealed on 24th of May at a Tech Food Hack – an experimental dining hackathon event in Cambridge UK, where a small group of foodies, hackers and designers are coming together to re-think and make new dining experiences. The event is co-organised by Dovetailed and Microsoft Research Cambridge. … (Read more)

Source: NanoWerk.com