3D Printing Hits The Fashion World

3D printing becomes more mainstream, its applications are broadening.

Architects and scientists have been using 3-D printing to create models for decades, but it’s beginning to show even more potential. From 3D printed buildings to 3D printedhearing aids, this technology could be revolutionary for a variety of industries. Fashion is no exception, and designers have already started to experiment.

Companies such as Hot Pop Factory are printing jewelry. Retailers such as New Balance are printing shoes. Designers such as Ron Arab are printing sunglasses. These pioneering innovations are exciting, but what’s a 3D printed necklace without a shirt or dress to match? 3D Printing and Fashion just recently met a couple of years ago, but their friendship is off to a promising start.

San Francisco-based clothing company, Continuumis among the first to create wearable, 3D printed pieces. Customers design bikinis on Continuum’s website, specifying their body shapes and measurements. The company then uses nylon to print out each unique order. Founder Mary Huang believes that this intersection of fashion and technology will be the future because it “gives everyone access to creativity.”

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Source: forbes.com


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